Egyptian Tax Authority 

Ministerial Decision No. (188) for 2020 was issued to bind the tax society to the E Invoice system.
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Taxpayer Benefits - Short Term

  • Validate invoice items and data for parties before issuing
  • Enhance the company taxation position by classifying it as a Low-Risk profile company. 
  • Facilitate inter-company settlement procedures for VAT.
  • Updates and improves invoices exchanging methods between  companies. 
  • Facilitate CPA review for preparing financial statement.
  • Help company to make reports and quick accurate analysis for  the purpose of decision making support.

Taxpayer Benefits - Long Term   

  • Reduce the administrative burden, cost of transactions and the
  • need to archive paper invoice.
  • Reduce audit procedure with the possibility of remote audit.
  • Facilitate Tax Refund procedure.
  • Facilitate the process of preparing and filing declarations.
  • Eliminate the traditional review and reconciliation procedures
  • with companies.
  • Effectively support the merge of Informal Economy, and control
  • increase on tax community, and achieve tax justice.

نظام ريدنت للفواتير الالكترونية

مميزات انظام الفواتير الالكترونية   

  • ارسال فواتير المبيعات و الاشعارات الدائنة و المدينة الي بوابة الفاتورة الالكترونية ETA
  • متكامل مع اي نظام تخطيط موارد المؤسسات ERP
  • متكامل مع Exxcel و CSV
  • عدد من المستخدمين لا نهائي
  • يدعم اكثر من شركة Multi-Entities
  • توقيع مجموعة من الفواتير و ارسالها لبوابة الفاتورة الالكترونية ETA
  • تعريف لكل مستخدم و صلاحياته
  • التكامل التلقائي مع ERP و كذلك التوقيع الالكتروني و ارسال الفواتير لبوابة الفاتورة الالكترونية ETA اليا
  • مراقبة المستخدمين
  • مراقلوحة احصائيات و بيانات الفواتير

Egyptian Tax Authority (ETA) 

E Invoice system features

1. Instant Notification

System allows sending instant notification to both invoice issuer & receiver who are registered in the system & sharing invoice data.
System will allow sharing through:

  • Through the Portal.
  • SMS.
  • E-mail.
  • Mobile App.

2. Unified Form

E Invoice has a unified form, design, content that has been identified and regulated by the laws and regulations of the E Invoice regarding to business requirements for ETA.

3. Items Coding

Will be depending on standard unified coding system for goods and services adopted by ETA, defining its specifications and will be revised periodically .

4. Digital Signature

E Invoice requires valid and active Digital Signature from the issuer, as the system provides full protection to the invoices data exchanged between companies, and also insures the proof of legal obligations to the system users regarding to law No. (15) of 2004
organizing the digital signature.

Netsis E-invoice integration solution 

Integration between Egyptian Tax Authority (ETA) E invoice system 
and your ERP   

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4. Digital Signature

• Tax prayer’s sales Invoices, credit notes and debit notes integrated to E-Invoice portal.
• Possibility to integrate with any ERP.
• Multi-companies support.
• User identify and validations.
• Issue and sign the invoice by the electronic signature.

Integration Parties

Solution has TWO main parties

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E Invoice System

 [ ETA ]

It is a technical solution provided by the developing company (Microsoft) to instantly receive the invoices, verify basic invoice data, and digital signature, then send it to the Tax Authority for the purposes of storage and sharing

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Netsis E-Invoice 


  • Tax prayer’s sales Invoices, credit notes and debit notes integrated to E-Invoice portal. 
  • Possibility to integrate with any ERP.
  • Multi-companies support. 
  • User identify and validations. 
  • Issue and sign the invoice by the electronic signature. 

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Taxpayers ERP 


Which will be integrated through (API) that Microsoft will implement and prepare the steps of its implementation and 
make it available to ETA, which will make it available to taxpayer to implement integration process.

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new electronic tax invoicing system will be on trial in Egypt as of 30 June with the participation of several companies.

Mohamed Maait
Minister of Finance 

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